Comments on Name Based Virtualk Hosting Policy Recommendation

A. M. Salim salim at
Wed May 9 12:30:36 EDT 2001


> Go back to your provider and help them understand the policy and what
> went before it.  Have them ask their ARIN contact about it.  They
> should know better, so help them know better.

thank you for your suggestion, however as I indicated in my original
posting that although it could be argued they are being unreasonable, that
does not help me.  I am stuck with what is displayed on the ARIN page and
their interpretation of it.  It can also be argued that their
interpretation is correct and as I also indicated in my original email, I
do not have the luxury of being able to debate and convince them, nor do I
have the luxury of finding another provider in the next 20 days.

I am experiencing a genuine, business hardship directly as a result of
ARIN's "recommendation".

best regards

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