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I guess i'm still missing the point. 
If the average ISP in question does not have the scruples
which you or I have, and they are not required to pay for v4
space today, then what possible reason would they have to 
switch to v6, which has a $5 price tag? IT's analagous to the
NIC situation, where netsol announced that .com/.net/.org would
be X dollars per reg, but not until said date. What did people
do? They went out and registered every possible domain they could.
The same concept will apply here, except that where people will be
driven is to submit ARIN regs for v4, and falsify their current
utilizations. All I can say is... bye bye Internet. So, my overall
point is that... I don't like paying taxes. The large majority of
the population of planet earth responds to positive
reinforcement, so a model that reflects it is what I think we ought
to be shooting for, and no, I haven't devised one....yet. :-)


Matthew G. Harrigan
Vice President, Internet Services

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The mere fact of charging more for it doesn't create it, but does create
pressures and incentives to solve the problem.

To wit, right now IPv6 is academic. If IPs cost $5/mo per, a lot more
people would be a lot more interested in IPv6.

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> $.02 - 
> If there were a shortage of rice in China, I'm not sure
> that charging more for it would solve the fact that there
> isn't enough, regardless of what the RFC for rice is.
> -Matt 
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