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All aspects should be looked at.

In the modified version of the policy that I am pushing for, the software
that you use for billing could be considered a technical reason for
justification...And if you requested IP space for this reason to me, and I
denied the request, you should have the right to have the request escalated
to ARIN for a decision...This would also protect the ISP from difficulties
with further IP allocation requests from ARIN (if auditing by ARIN included
the disputed assignment in their review).


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Pulling IP utilization is a protocol layer function, going in and
pulling out the url is a application layer function.  Most billing
applications would have to be completely rewritten and replaced.  In
addition the processing power required and the latency would increase
dramatically if this were required.  I do not suggest that these
obstacles are insurmountable, just that they exist and should not be

bmanning at wrote:
> >
> > Stephen is right. For us the biggest issue is billing. We collect
> > data using NetFlow and export the data to our accounting and billing
> > software based on IP address.
> >
> > It would take a lot of work/money to migrate from this system.
> >
> > Mark Strother
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> > Fax: (604) 638-6020
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>         So... you are depending on a vendor supplied system?
>         When (not if) NetFlow changes and/or you migrate to
>         a vendor that does not support NetFlow, you expect
>         your systems to continue to work?
> --bill

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