Need for numbers related to Hosting

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the keyword is transfer.  for those of us transferring IP addresses, keep in
mind that the new allocation for the new provider frees up that many from
the old provider.  assuming, that is, that the old provider takes action to
free them up.


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Scott Rogers said:
> I have a customer comming in that is transferring 3,000
> web site, so I have a need for 3,000 IP addresses right!
> The customer is not using SSL, is not using IP based accounting,
> and does not depend upon search engines for anywhere from 30%
> to 60% of the sites...
> So, do I really need 3,000 IP addresses?
> * Sales says yes, they want $3,000 per month in revenue ($1 per IP per
> month_
> * Customer says yes, it's too hard to configure name based hosting.
> * The network dude (me) says:
> 	- Learn how, and educate the customer on name based hosting.
> 	- educate the sales team
> 	- the technocrat (me) wins they get what they need, not
> what they
> want.
That's great,now if I new that this demand arose 3 times per year for your
company and that the same was true for 4700 other ISPs and that that the
this demand was 50% greater this year than last, we would have some gauge of
the problem.  On the other hand if this was likely to be a problem that 300
ISPs faced 3 times and the adoption of HTTP 1.1 intersected in 18 months to
eliminate the requirement then, another gauge of the problem would be had
and the impacts would likely determine a differenct AC policy
Bill Darte

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