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Bill Darte billd at
Thu Jan 4 16:12:19 EST 2001

Scott Rogers said:
> I have a customer comming in that is transferring 3,000
> web site, so I have a need for 3,000 IP addresses right!
> The customer is not using SSL, is not using IP based accounting,
> and does not depend upon search engines for anywhere from 30%
> to 60% of the sites...
> So, do I really need 3,000 IP addresses?
> * Sales says yes, they want $3,000 per month in revenue ($1 per IP per
> month_
> * Customer says yes, it's too hard to configure name based hosting.
> * The network dude (me) says:
> 	- Learn how, and educate the customer on name based hosting.
> 	- educate the sales team
> 	- the technocrat (me) wins they get what they need, not 
> what they
> want.
That's great,now if I new that this demand arose 3 times per year for your
company and that the same was true for 4700 other ISPs and that that the
this demand was 50% greater this year than last, we would have some gauge of
the problem.  On the other hand if this was likely to be a problem that 300
ISPs faced 3 times and the adoption of HTTP 1.1 intersected in 18 months to
eliminate the requirement then, another gauge of the problem would be had
and the impacts would likely determine a differenct AC policy
Bill Darte

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