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Stephen Elliott stephen at
Thu Jan 4 15:20:16 EST 2001

	The big guys that you refer to are generally not in the web hosting
business and therefore are outside of the scope of this conversation. 
The real concern is the big guys like Exodus and UUNet.  Since IPv6 is
not a viable option for general consumption yet, we need to concentrate
on conserving the existing IPv4 space.  As far as search engines go, if
enough sites start using HTTP1.1 software virtual servers, they will be
forced to upgrade their spiders to support it.  I would suggest that one
of the main issues at hand is billing.  Billing for web hosting
companies that is.  Most companies bundle bandwidth with their hosting
packages, and current billing packages utilize destination IP address
information to gather this information.  If there is not a way to get
this information without drastic changes to both billing software and in
some cases hardware, there will be very strong opposition to any changes
in the way IP addresses are given out.
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