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Thu Jan 4 09:00:09 EST 2001

	Everyone knows that there is an IP shortage under IPv4.  I was not
involved with previous discussions, I have however been running websites
for years and thought I would pitch out an idea for everyone to
discuss.  Under RFC 2050, which is the holy grail for ARIN, 25% of IP's
must be justified at the time of request with documented plans for 50%
utilization within 12 months.  IP based virtual hosting is used for many
reasons, and I do not believe that there is any good way to write a all
inclusive list of reasons that are good enough to overcome the 1 IP per
machine rule.  The best way that I see for fairly allowing people an
companies to get the addresses that they need is to charge for anything
above and beyond that.  I would throw out a number of $10-$15US per year
for small blocks.  This should be charged by ARIN through the
organization that is responsible for each net block.  One modification
of this could be a reverse scale upon which to charge, so that the more
an organization used IP based virtual hosting, the more they had to pay
per IP.
	I realize that there is going to be no easy solution to this, but a
fair and equitable way to distribute IP's to individuals and companies
that need them is imperitive to the stability of the Internet and it's
continued growth.

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