Example of IP web issue in the press

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Thu Jan 4 01:00:06 EST 2001

I think its the cursed developers who claim to write efficient systems that
scan only the wrong sites??? :-)

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Perhaps the cure is worse than the disease?


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> Ooh gawd, can there be any more of comedy in this article talk about
> poetic justice :-)
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> > Note the last part...
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> > *****************************************************
> > Edupage is a service of EDUCAUSE, an international nonprofit
> > association dedicated to transforming education through
> > information technologies.
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> > [text deleted]
> > 
> > Internet filter programs are blocking access to many
> > non-offensive Web sites because of the high incidence of words
> > and phrases the filters search for, according to a study from
> > Peacefire.org. For example, the Cybersitter program identifies
> > an Amnesty.org news article as sexually explicit for containing
> > the phrase "at least 21." The phrase, however, is used to
> > describe the number of casualties in an international shooting
> > incident. Politicians in the United States and elsewhere want
> > filtering software to become a standard tool of libraries and
> > schools, but numerous students are complaining that such software
> > actually hampers their schoolwork. Such complaints prompted
> > Peacefire to run several filtering programs through a list of
> > Amnesty International-related sites. The results of the study
> > show that the software blocks more news sites than sexually
> > oriented sites, Peacefire claims. Ironically, the Realtime
> > Blackhole List is blocking the Peacefire Web site because the
> > program discovered an unrelated site on the same Web hosting
> > service that could potentially send spam.
> > (Cnet, 15 December 2000)


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