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My impression of the discussion is that there are many reasons for using
IP addresses in web hosting, and we have not necessarily found all of
them.  There is disagreement about whether or not reasonable workarounds
exist for some of the problems and there is even disagreement about
whether or not to respect some of the problems.

The only thing on which there is agreement is that one should use
virtual hosting if it doesn't cause problems.

ARIN can recommend virtual hosting to organizations that request
addresses for web hosting, but it should never deny a request
based on virtual hosting criteria.  Doing so would involve ARIN
in burdensome technical discussions with the provider which
would contribute nothing to the orderly use and expansion of
the Internet.

Hilarie Orman

>>> "Clayton Lambert" <Clay at> 01/03/01 03:40PM >>>
We should re-institute the policy with modifications to the text for
clarity.  Service providing should be the catch word instead of web-hosting.

There should be clear reference to technical exceptions to the policy (this
should NOT be in the form of specific exceptions, as technical reasons for
exception to the policy can easily step beyond the ability of a "list",
hence the reason for maintainer discretion), only technical exceptions
should be allowed (as opposed to policy exceptions). The entity assigned the
overall netblock should have discretion for determining the exceptions to
the policy and should maintain the documentation for the exception, and make
the info available to ARIN on in audit-style format (NDA should be manditory
between the Netblock maintainer and ARIN).

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Are there any more thoughts on what we should do with the so-called virtual
hosting policy?


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