RTMA Working Group Meeting

J. Scott Marcus smarcus at genuity.com
Wed Feb 28 12:44:30 EST 2001

At 09:40 02/28/2001 -0800, Cathy Wittbrodt wrote:
>I am putting together a similar panel than the one I had at NANOG.
>It will include Geoff's stuff.  Did you get my email on that?  I
>think it would be redundant to do it at rtma as well.  Unless what
>you're saying is that we should just move it to rtma instead.  Or
>is it that that it's just one track and everyone will be at rtma?
>I am not sure how things will be set up.   BTW, Bill Woodcock has
>agreed to present if Geoff isn't there...

Oops!  Thanks for the reminder, I was forgetting.  :-(

I agree, if the other panel will be for the ARIN public policy meeting as a
whole, then there is no point in any redundant coverage within RTMA.  As it
happens, I guess that some of the RTMA logical content spills over into
broader applicability and interest.

- Scott

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