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On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 7:07 PM, David Huberman <
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> Hello,
> As someone who very much wants to see the addressing function taken away
> from ICANN and moved directly to the NRO,

Hmm...i am not sure i really want addressing function taken away from ICANN
as i honestly don't think that is within the scope of the oversight.
However if this is what the community achieve consensus upon then its still
fine so long as we get the new home tidied up accordingly. As for me, all i
care about is that the IANA operator knows that the numbers community has
the final decision on their function.

> I'm not sure MONC is any more useful than the NRO self-governing.


> The NRO is, after all, strictly bottom-up.  RIR members elect board
> members. RIR board members select a CEO.  The CEOs run the NRO.  There's
> accountability up and down the chain.

Well i will not in 100% equate selection/election process to
accountability. Yes there is some level of accountability (which i am also
proud of). However i think it will be wrong to assume that respective CEOs
and Board will always act in the interest of the community, unless there is
a process that says so(because at that point they are acting in the
interest of their respective organisation and not necessarily the
community). The policy process for instance was clear and thats why we see
that aspect flourish....however we've seen how the NRO-EC[1] make decision
on behalf of the community without necessarily consulting with the

So while we have something close to perfect, if the overall oversight gets
transferred to NRO, i will like to see quite an improvement in involvement
of the community in its decision process. It may be more relieving to see
the council taking up those roles than the EC (as the council members are
part of the community)

1. This particular IANA transition process is a fact to that, before we
then start seeing some effort towards community involvement

> My question is how do we leverage the NTIA's desire to step back to
> dissolve the MOU between USGOV and ICANN wrt the clause, "Establishment of
> policy for and direction of the allocation of IP number blocks;"
> David
> David R Huberman
> Microsoft Corporation
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> [1] https://www.icann.org/resources/unthemed-pages/icann-mou-1998-11-25-en
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