[arin-tech-discuss] Unable to create new ORGIDs

Brian Rak brak at vultr.com
Mon Jul 19 16:30:55 EDT 2021

We're preparing to start offering services in a new location, and wanted 
to create the relevant ORGID in order to start getting various GeoIP 
databases updated (yes - I know about GeoFeed, we're looking into that 
but it doesn't fix the issue of various third party sites that present 
WHOIS data as the authoritative IP location source).

It seems this process now requires a ticket with ARIN, but the ARIN 
staff are being extremely picky about documentation.  For example, 
they're requiring that we provide documentation we're registered as a 
business in the location where we've rented some cabinet space, which 
does not seem to be something that ARIN would need to care about.

Has anyone else been through this new process before?  Am I missing 
something obvious about how we should be creating these records?  We 
have historically preferred using ORGIDs for this so we don't have to go 
back and update hundreds of simple assignments if contact information 

NRPM doesn't appear to cover this new process, it only says:

 > New organization records shall be created upon ARIN receiving a 
request directly from an authorized contact representing an entity that 
ARIN is able to validate. Organization records shall not be created upon 
the request of third-parties.

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