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Ah good ole geolocation the bane of at least once every 2 weeks someone’s freak out for me, but we’re pretty successful on getting them pointed eventually. Few tips to keep in mind. Set your ARIN info on those blocks to as closely match with the address where used. That might mean updating org/poc to reflect that. If you own then reassign it to yourself on the newly created one so you don’t have to go thru transfer hassles, if you don’t own ask ISP to create that update for you. Some standard response items we share with folks below.
Geolocation databases are run by 3rd party providers unaffiliated with ISP’s. There are 3 market dominate companies Ip2location.com, Neustar.biz, and Maxmind.com that have their own databases that typically would need to be updated. There are a few other insignificant companies and anyone can become a geolocation “authority” by setting up a web site and stealing info from the others. Most of these GEOs  “seed” (steal) their initial info from the SWIP/WHOIS submitted with whichever RIR the address space is from. Some companies like google sniff the traffic coming from those IP’s and rework results which can be overridden by using country specific endings in the url such as google.nl or google.fr and eventually they take to getting it right. There is no such thing as a Canada IP, USA ip, Germany IP ECT. Ip’s are associated to the serving RIR’s such as ARIN, RIPE, LATNIC, APNIC, and AFRNIC. When a SWIP is submitted or fails to have good data you often roll back to the geo area of the RIR’s space or the ISP that secured the space. There is also no such thing as virgin ip space, all of it has been issued and reused over and over so it’s possible that a range may have been used elsewhere and have old info. It’s also possible that anyone could have put in wrong info either maliciously or on accident or as often the case the geo provider just guessed wrong.

Customers  or anyone can submit updates to the Geo companies to correct their databases, or to fill it with wrong information, we saw this happen last year in an attack against a customer to deny VOD services and the year prior to harass payment systems. Getting updates with some of these GEO’s is not a quick process. Also note that once it is right with the GEO provider then websites and customers that use the GEO provider data need to update their dataset also. We cannot contact every website out on the internet to go and process their needed updates. We do make every effort to submit updated SWIPs and when contacted by customers with issues and to also submit to the GEOs providers updates on the customers behalf for the few that we have contacts with. I want to encourage you guys to harass the existing geo providers as well.

Below are the website info for the 3 main GEO locations providers as well as when they update.

www.ip2location.com<http://www.ip2location.com>   1st of month
www.neustar.biz<http://www.neustar.biz>   whenever they feel like it seems sometimes twice a month but they never respond to email
www.maxmind.com<http://www.maxmind.com>  Every Tuesday

http://www.ip2location.com/contact     support at ip2location.com<mailto:support at ip2location.com>   update at ip2location.com<mailto:update at ip2location.com>

http://www.neustar.biz/support   share_data at neustar.biz<mailto:share_data at neustar.biz>


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I’m not sure if this is the right forum but I am seeking assistance in getting nets I’ve allocated to an office in another RIR region to properly update its geolocate data.  In this particular case, I have a net in use in India, but currently reflects Houston as its address although the allocation indicates otherwise.


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