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Thanks for the feedback Jon… I’ll post to NANOG next but thought I’d try here first.



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Hello Jason,

Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet for IP geolocation. Updating your ARIN registration information with a local street address can sometimes work, but it’s not guaranteed to work for all geolocation sources – or, candidly, to work at all. Your best resource is likely to be a network operator’s forum like the NANOG mailing list. Other folks have no doubt had the same problems and may be able to offer you practical advice based on that experience. There are operators on this list as well, so they may be able to chime in with some info. It’s likely the solution will involve some combination of contacting large content providers and working with them to update information, doing the same with large IP geolocation providers, and potentially looking at other records that can be published that might be of use (routing registry data?). Also, it’s possible time passing may help. I see you published the reassignment information several months ago. In a perfect world, that would be picked up immediately, but it’s possible it may take a while for everyone out there to pick it up and use it.

Good luck!

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I’m not sure if this is the right forum but I am seeking assistance in getting nets I’ve allocated to an office in another RIR region to properly update its geolocate data.  In this particular case, I have a net in use in India, but currently reflects Houston as its address although the allocation indicates otherwise.


Jason Bothe
Network Services
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