[arin-tech-discuss] reg.arin.net down?

Matt Rowley matt at arin.net
Wed Nov 19 11:11:03 EST 2014

Hi Brian,

Our apologizes, we had a misconfiguration on our end.  This should be
corrected now.  Please let us know if you have any further issues.


Brian Rak wrote:
> Did something change with https://reg.arin.net recently?  I can't seem
> to establish a connection to it anymore (this started around two days ago).
> wget just hangs when connecting:
> $ wget https://reg.arin.net
> --2014-11-19 10:30:23--  https://reg.arin.net/
> Resolving reg.arin.net... 2001:500:4:c000::83, 2001:500:4:c000::84,
>, ...
> Connecting to reg.arin.net|2001:500:4:c000::83|:443...
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