[arin-tech-discuss] SWIP and GeoIP

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I've had to deal with the IP Geolocation issue.  

Send the information in CIDR format to at least these two organizations:

IP2Location Sales and Support [support at ip2location.com]
share_data at neustar.biz

The second one there will get Google updated; the first one will do many of the other search engines.

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We have a customer who operates VPN services with us.  They have their own ARIN OrgID, and we would like to be able to reassign all their IP addresses to that organization (so that they can receive any abuse reports directly, rather then having to relay them).

They have reported to us that various GeoIP providers are using the location of the ARIN contact to determine where an IP is located. The customer would very much prefer that the location of the IPs match the datacenter's location, rather then the customer's location.

Does anyone have suggestions for handling this properly?  Looking at the data returned by WHOIS, it seems the only way they're going to be able to specify a location is by creating a separate organization and contact for each datacenter.  Is that the best solution here?
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