[arin-tech-discuss] Reg-RWS XML schema conversion to W3C format

blb at directcolocation.com blb at directcolocation.com
Thu Jul 11 12:16:20 EDT 2013

I'm trying to convert the downloaded Reg-RWS schema from RELAX NG Compact
format to W3C XML format, because my development tools require the latter.
My approach is to use Jing to produce a flattened schema (because Trang
doesn't support externalRef) and then Trang to convert that to the target
format. I think I've been successful with most of the process but
encountered two issues.

I first had this problem where ApiKeyPayload.rnc didn't define dateTime:

$ java -jar ~/Downloads/jing-20090818/bin/jing.jar -sc ApiKeyPayload.rnc
ApiKeyPayload.rnc:7:30: error: reference to undefined pattern "dateTime"

That appeared to be a simple omission solved by adding "dateTime =
\string" to the file.

The only other file failing Jing's validation is CountryPayload.rnc:

$ java -jar ~/Downloads/jing-20090818/bin/jing.jar -sc CountryPayload.rnc
error: found element matching the prohibited path start//empty in the
simplified XML form of the schema (see section 7.1 of the RELAX NG

Lacking a more thorough understanding of RELAX NG (although I did skim the
spec), I don't know whether that is a bug in the validator or a problem
with the syntax of the schema (and how to modify it to solve the problem).

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