[arin-tech-discuss] IPv6 Detailed Reassign not automated?

Jon Worley jonw at arin.net
Wed Dec 18 16:32:36 EST 2013

Hello Brian,

Our software currently tickets IPv6 reassignments/reallocations for review
when they either:

1) are for more than a /48, or
2) are for an Org ID that already has an IPv6 block (whether it's directly
registered or a reassignment/reallocation)

At the time the software was developed, there was a policy requirement
that when a single end site requires an additional /48, it must provide
documentation or materials that justify the request.  You can find the
relevant policy in section of NRPM version 2011.3:


Ticketing these requests was necessary to ensure compliance with that

When policy 2011-3 ("Better IPv6 Allocations For ISPs") was implemented in
January 2012, the requirement to supply documentation for multiple /48s
was removed.  It appears we overlooked this change at the time the new
policy was implemented and didn't adjust our software to stop ticketing
these for review.  We'll report the problem to our engineering staff.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please respond to
this message or contact me directly.


Jon Worley
Senior Resource Analyst
ARIN Registration Services
hostmaster at arin.net

On 12/18/13 10:12 AM, "Brian Rak" <brak at gameservers.com> wrote:

>Are IPv6 Detailed Reassignments a manual process right now?  I've got 6
>pending where I was reassigning to an existing ORGID rather then a new
>customer.  They all appear to be pending review by ARIN. I've never seen
>any of our IPv4 reassignment requests pending like this, so I'm
>wondering what's going on.
>Submitted Date: 12-17-2013 15:45:27
>Request Type: IPv6 Detailed Reassign
>Status: Pending Review
>Last Updated Date: 12-17-2013 15:45:27
>Action Needed By: ARIN
>Or, is there something that I'm doing wrong that's leading to tickets
>being created rather then this happening automatically?
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