[arin-tech-discuss] ARINr - RESTful command-line scripts

Andy Newton andy at arin.net
Mon Oct 29 08:56:58 EDT 2012


ARIN is making available command-line scripts, written in Ruby, that
utilize ARIN's Whois-RWS and Reg-RWS restful services. These scripts are
available under the open-source, BSD-style ISC License. They were
originally created for internal use but with a little a side effort have
been polished up for general usage.

They should be considered beta-quality and do not yet encompass the full
capabilities of ARIN's restful services. This set is currently composed of
the following scripts:

* arininfo - queries ARIN's Whois-RWS and displays the information in a
tree format

* poc -  creates, modifies, and deletes Point of Contacts (POCs).

* ticket - downloads, displays and responds to Reg-RWS / ARIN Online

Man-page style documentation, including instructions for obtaining the
scripts either via a Git repository or downloadable ZIP file, can be found

Andy Newton,
Chief Engineer, ARIN

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