[arin-tech-discuss] Any notification needed when changing advertising ASN?

David Huberman dhuberma at arin.net
Wed Oct 24 15:25:49 EDT 2012

Hello David,

There is no need to notify the Registry when changing the origin_as of a
given prefix.  The change you're describing happens solely in the routing
equipment you operate and the equipment of your BGP peers.

ARIN's Whois does include origin_as information on an optional basis. This
information is not operational in nature, but rather, is offered for use
by the research community. If you look at your registration and see
out-of-date origin_as information, it's probably best to insert updates as
time allows.  


David R Huberman
Principal Technical Analyst, ARIN

On 10/24/12 2:59 PM, "David H" <ispcolohost at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all, couldn't find this using the search tool; I was wondering if there
is any documentation requirement when changing the ASN that advertises a
given allocation?

In our portal it just lists AS numbers and ip networks as separate items
but I don't see where there's any association between a given allocation
and a given ASN.  I know when we used to apply for addresses via the email
template it asked for the ASN and we'd
 use the one that would be advertising the new block but we've got
disparate networks with separate ASN's and want to transition
services/customers/ips from one to the other once everything is ready.


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