[arin-tech-discuss] I got an error when I am trying to get a poc info

David Huberman dhuberma at arin.net
Wed Sep 14 10:30:30 EDT 2011


You asked:

> Does that mean if I need to delete a Poc, I have to delete the
> Org that is related to the Poc I want to delete?

Sort of.

You certainly can't delete a POC if it's associated with an OrgID, so
yes, you would need to delete the OrgID first, then you could delete
the POC.

You also asked:

> If I need to delete an Org, I have to delete the Net that is
> related to that Org first?

Same thing.  You cannot delete an OrgID if it has number resources,
so yes, you would need to remove the reassignments first, then you
could delete the OrgID.

But ...

- If you are not a POC on an OrgID, you may not GET or DELETE it with your
API key. Only an API key associated with an ARIN online account which is
linked to an authoritative POC for an OrgID may GET or DELETE it.

- If your ARIN Online account is not linked to a given POC, you may not
GET or DELETE that POC with your API key.

The ability to create ORGs and POCs on behalf of your customers is a
carryover from the old "reassign-detailed" and "reallocate" template
functions. Similar to that older mechanism, ARIN considers the ORGs/POCs
created to belong the organization/person defined (rather than to you, the


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