[arin-tech-discuss] Can Any one help me Please

Anupama Siripurapu siri.anupama at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 13:38:03 EDT 2011

Hello ,
I have joined in arin tech discussions with office mail id.
I work for Verizon

i am working on ARIN Online. i.e RWS assignments,  i am getting 403
forbidden error when i hot the ARIN URL (test bed url)
rest-beta-net/public url, which is given to us officially.

in the assignment url we need to pass, parent_net -handle.
i did who is for a particular network , and i dint get any parent_net_handle
in the response of who_is, but i got HANDLE value.

so , i hav egiven HANDLE value from the who is , in the are-assign url. with
that i am getting 403 error..

can any one please help me that, how do i get the PARENT _NET HANDLE for a
particular network.

how can i access that one ASAP.

Thank ,
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