[ARIN-Suggestions] New ACSP. 2016.12: Interactive Fee Calculator

ARIN info at arin.net
Wed Jun 22 12:16:32 EDT 2016

We have received a new ACSP suggestion, numbered 2016.12 upon confirmed
receipt, requesting that we enhance the ARIN fee calculator.  The
suggestion is currently in review, and we will be providing a response to
submitter when it is complete.

The full text of the suggestion is provided below:

The online fee estimator within the ARIN portal should be interactive.

This means we should be able to add OR AND remove resources (IPv4, IPv6,
ASN) and the online estimator should provide us an estimate of what the
new fees would be. Think of this as a "What If I {add/removed} the
following resource{s}"

The resources we add OR AND remove to the estimator will in *no* way
trigger any actions to the rest of the system (return resources, submit
justification request, etc.) The whole purpose is for informational use
and fee estimator should make that clear to the end user when adding OR
AND removing resources.

Value to Community: Reduce questions to ARIN staff Improve understanding
of fee policies Help in the future when fees change (because they always


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