[ARIN-Suggestions] Three new Suggestions to the ACSP

ARIN info at arin.net
Mon Jun 20 13:02:17 EDT 2016

ARIN has confirmed and posted three new suggestions to the ARIN
Consultation and Suggestion Process.

ARIN is currently reviewing all three suggestions and will be issuing
responses to the various submitters as they are completed.

The full text and links for all three suggestions are provided, in full, 

1. 2016.09: Include date since last response in POC Report -

Description: Update schema of "Report Of Resources With No Valid
Contacts" to include the date since last response. This information is
tracked, and shown via Whois-RWS, but is not present in the report.

Value to Community: For parties performing analysis to help maintain
registry accuracy, this information will be helpful when communicating
with their customer base.

2. 2016.10: Allow Billing Consolidation for Organizations with both LRSA
& RSA Resouces -

Description: Having multiple RSAs should not prevent consolidation of
resources for billing purposes.

Value to Community: Some organizations have both LRSA and RSA resources.
Under the current fee structures adopted by the board, the fact that
ARIN treats these as separate organizations and cannot consolidate them
for billing purposes may in some cases create real disadvantages forcing
the organizations in question to choose between paying excessive fees
beyond what is necessary for the covered resources, giving up their LRSA
rights and migrating those resources to an RSA, or disenfranchisement
because they cannot put their resources under a single subscription

This amounts to a poll tax on LRSA signatories and I believe it is
unfair to that segment of the community.

3. 2016.11: Improvements to RESTful Web Services -

Description: Howdy,

I am starting to use the rest service provided by ARIN to managed SWIP
records (reassignments) and I have noticed a shortcoming by the rest
service offered by ARIN. I have a suggestion that I would like to make
and I hope this is the correct forum to do that in. If not, please let
me know what is.

For all available reset methods[1] I have noticed that I am unable to
view "ALL" records. For example: I can issue

GET /rest/customer/CUSTOMERHANDLE?apikey=

which will return the information about that customer handle, but I am
unable to issue:

GET /rest/customer/?apikey=

which should return a list of all customers along with their handle that
the apikey has access to.

The same "Get ALL records" suggestion should be applied to other methods
NETs, POCs, Orgs, etc. It appears the only method that offers this are
tickets (GET /rest/tickets/)

On a side note: I am surprised that no rest or reports via ARIN online
interface allows me to see what customer handles I have
created. This will allow ARIN members to clean up and
delete records that are no longer associated with

The current report offered by /rest/report/reassignment/NETHANDLE?apikey=
does not list the customer handle – no way to delete
those records.

[1]: https://www.arin.net/resources/restfulmethods.html

Value to Community: Improved Rest Service
Ability to Join Records (ORGs, Nets, Customers, POC) much easier at the
Rest Service Layer rather than application/end user.


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American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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