[ARIN-Suggestions] Responses to ACSP 2016.10 and 2016.12

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Wed Jul 20 15:55:45 EDT 2016

ARIN has provided the following responses to the submitters of ACSP
2016.10 and 2016.12:

2016.10: Allow Billing Consolidation for Organizations with both LRSA &
RSA Resouces

Suggestion Details:

Description: Having multiple RSAs should not prevent consolidation of
resources for billing purposes.

Value to Community: Some organizations have both LRSA and RSA resources.
Under the current fee structures adopted by the board, the fact that
ARIN treats these as separate organizations and cannot consolidate them
for billing purposes may in some cases create real disadvantages forcing
the organizations in question to choose between paying excessive fees
beyond what is necessary for the covered resources, giving up their LRSA
rights and migrating those resources to an RSA, or disenfranchisement
because they cannot put their resources under a single subscription

This amounts to a poll tax on LRSA signatories and I believe it is
unfair to that segment of the community.


Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2016.10 upon confirmed receipt.
As we understand it, this suggestion recommends that ARIN allow
consolidation, for billing purposes, of resources when held under both
the Registration Services Agreement (RSA) and Legacy Registration
Services Agreement (LRSA) by the same organization.

Given that fee-related matters are under the authority of the ARIN Board
of Trustees, this suggestion will be provided to the Trustees for their

This suggestion will remain open pending next steps. Thank you for your
participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process.

2016.12: Interactive Fee Calculator

Description: The online fee estimator within the ARIN portal should be

This means we should be able to add OR AND remove resources (IPv4, IPv6,
ASN) and the online estimator should provide us an estimate of what the
new fees would be. Think of this as a "What If I

the following resource


The resources we add OR AND remove to the estimator will in *no* way
trigger any actions to the rest of the system (return resources, submit
justification request, etc.) The whole purpose is for informational use
and fee estimator should make that clear to the end user when adding OR
AND removing resources.


Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2016.12 upon confirmed receipt,
recommending that ARIN provide an interactive fee calculator enabling
resource holders to determine fee impacts based on what-if resources
change scenarios.

Your suggestion appears to have value to the community and therefore we
will add it to Engineering Projects Awaiting

We do not have a schedule for implementation at this time, and we
suggest you check for any updates
in the software development update report that is given at each of the
ARIN meeting. At that time staff will report on software engineering
projects have been completed as well as what we anticipate completing in
the next six months or so.

Until your suggestion is implemented, it will remain open. Thank you for
your participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process.


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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