[ARIN-Suggestions] Response to Suggestion 2012.3 - ADD LANGUAGE TO STLS TOS/AUP

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Mon Apr 30 11:24:44 EDT 2012

ARIN has issued its initial response to ACSP Suggestion 2012.3. The 
suggestion and response text are provided below. This suggestion remains 
open and is available at:



Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Suggestion: *

Add (and begin enforcing) the following language to the STLS TOS/AUP:

/Any STLS participant (requestor, provider, or facilitator) found to be 
advertising their need/services/availability via unsolicited email 
validated by at least three complaints including copies of the email 
with full headers from three independent organizations shall have their 
use of STLS suspended and/or permanently revoked at the discretion of 
the ARIN CEO (suspension) or simple majority vote of the ARIN BoT 
(suspension or revocation).///

For a period of at least 6 months after this is added to the TOS/AUP, a 
first offense shall result in a warning referencing this update to the 


ARIN is seeking a legal view on this suggestion and may, as a result, 
possibly raise it for ARIN Board consideration. As you are probably are 
aware, ARIN places reasonable terms and conditions on those that 
participate in the Specified Transfer Listing Service. The question is 
whether those terms can be extended to govern participant contact in 
non-ARIN forums such as NANOG, IETF, etc. Additionally, spam violations 
are often difficult to determine due to the abundance of social media 
and corresponding contact information on the Internet.

ARIN will continue to work through this suggestion and keep you apprised 
as progress is made. Suggestion remains open.

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