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Four new suggestions have been received by ARIN and are now available on the ARIN website. The website link and the text of each suggestion is provided below.

ARIN will issue an initial response to each of these within 10 business days of receipt.

And, just a reminder that we have a suggestions consultation open on arin-consult at arin.net through Monday 30 April.
The announcement with details is available about participation is available at: https://www.arin.net/announcements/2012/20120409.html


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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ACSP Suggestion 2012.4: Street Addreess Requirement  [New]

Street Addresses for Registered Organizations should not be Post Office Boxes.

ACSP Suggestion 2012.5: Bulk Billing Management  [New]

Thank you for implementing most of the billing enhancements requested in my previous suggestion (ACSP 2011.16). I would like to offer the following additional suggested enhancements to facilitate bulk management of billing records for ARIN ORGs:

On the list of ORG IDs for Billing Info page, show also next to each ORG the current billing status and, if applicable, amount due.
Add a new report (like the Associations Report) to obtain the invoice history and account status for all linked ORGs.
Provide a mechanism for updating the billing information across a group of ORGs at one time without having to enter the information separately for each ORG.

These changes will make it easier for those who are responsible for managing ARIN resources for multiple ORGs to have simpler and easier access to the billing information for those entities. Making billing management easier means faster and more efficient payments to ARIN.


ACSP Suggestion 2012.6: Add Suggestion Text to ACSP Announcements  [New]

Thank you for implementing the ACSP announcement messages as requested in my previous suggestion (ACSP 2011.20), as well as the title enhancement as requested by Owen DeLong's suggestion (ASCP 2011.24).

I would like to offer a suggested enhancement on the current announcements. When an initial suggestion or a follow-up announcement e-mail is sent out, please include the body of the suggestion or follow-up in the e-mail message. The link back to the suggestion in the ACSP portion of ARIN's website is useful, and should be retained, but the full-text would be convenient and should be minimal impact, as ARIN is sending out the e-mail anyway.


ACSP Suggestion 2012.7: Free Pool Netblock Distribution Statistics  [New]

As discussed at ARIN XXIX, please begin regular publication (on the ARIN website) of the distribution of netblock sizes within the remaining ARIN free pool. For example, the number of remaining contiguous /8's, /9's, /10's, etc. While real-time updates based on issued space would be ideal, a static page updated at least weekly would be sufficient.



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