[arin-ppml] in Conjunction with the abuse validation / legacy

Zingee Ngan zingee at visp.ca
Wed May 1 11:59:15 EDT 2019

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to send this, 

but I would like to suggest that if validation of abuse contacts is necessary, 

that we piggy back another change in there?

For users/owners of legacy resources, 

for some previous owners of /24, there are some who didn't validate or change / update the poc's in the past
and are now stuck in essentially "arin invalidated contacts for admin/technical" 

and those are assigned to organizations that we can no longer verify through arins "rigorous process" through afidivits and noterized documents and etcetc. 

It seems to be that if you are using the resources that you have since legacy times, and now you want to validate the abuse contacts and the abuse contacts respond, 

that you can re-instate the admin/org/ to those poc's. 

for those users, if arin can verify abuse contacts, and there is no other valid information in their database, then they are effectively acknowledging that the abuse contacts
are the rightful holders of the resources... 

normally i wouldn't care but i've been trying to change some rdns records for 2-3 /24's for 5 years now with no success.. and it just does everyone a disservice to make it 

impossible for me to change it. 

thanks, i look forward to any response.

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