[arin-ppml] Inter-regional ASN transfers?

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
Mon Dec 18 14:20:13 EST 2017

Hello list,


I am debating a proposal to allow inter-regional ASN transfers.

Short ASNs have value.

We have brokered inter-regional ASN transfers between RIPE and APNIC.

We have been asked about an ASN transfer from ARIN to APNIC but ARIN policy
forbids this.

The last time this was considered, the proposal was abandoned due to a
cost/benefit analysis, and I am wondering the same objections pertain.


Here are the reasons for the last abandonment:


> Regarding 2014-15:


> "The following substantive issues were noted by the AC in considering

> this draft policy.


> -There is outstanding technical work which must be done prior to

> implementation which would allow RPKI functionality for inter-RIR ASN

> transfers

> -There would be a significant time delay on the full implementation of

> this policy

> -The implementation of 2014-15 requires agreement from all 5 RIRs on a

> method to implement inter-RIR ASN transfers

> -Cleanup of the 2-byte ASN registry at IANA is required before this

> policy could be fully implemented

> -There is significant work which must be done to implement this policy

> amongst all 5 RIRs with limited perceived overall benefit to the

> community, especially when weighed against other competing priorities


> While the AC believes that the limited corner case illuminated during

> discussion of this draft policy is valid, it was noted that a valid

> workaround, obtaining a new ASN in an appropriate RIR, is available for

> all members of the community."



Input from staff or community on the current status of these objections is

Considering how it works between RIPE and APNIC, maybe the work mentioned
has been completed? 


Mike Burns


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