[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2017-6: Improve Reciprocity Requirements for Inter RIR Transfers

WOOD Alison * DAS Alison.WOOD at oregon.gov
Thu Aug 17 16:54:23 EDT 2017

Thank you for the feedback on this draft policy to date.  I would appreciate any other thoughts or comments on this draft policy.

For review, Draft Policy 2017-6 is intended to add the following conditions on Inter RIR transfers to section 8.4:

Recipient RIR policy must not permit transfers to other RIRs or NIRs whose policies do not support bi-directional transfers.

And the problem statement on this draft policy is:

Currently ARIN's requirement that inter-RIR transfer policies be reciprocal has a glaring hole in it in that RIRs which have NIRs and/or a two-hop RIR transfer process can be used to circumvent the intent of the requirement. Rather than eliminate the requirement, a better approach would be to close the loophole.

All feedback is appreciated.

Thank you

-Alison Wood
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