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RFC ---Goals Internet number resources are currently distributed according
to the following (non-exclusive) goals:

1) Allocation Pool Management: Due to the fixed lengths of IP addresses and
AS numbers, the pools from which these resources are allocated are finite.
As such, allocations must be made in accordance with the operational needs
of those running the networks that make use of these number resources and
by taking into consideration pool limitations at the time of allocation.

2) Hierarchical Allocation: Given current routing technology, the
distribution of IP addresses in a hierarchical manner increases the
likelihood of continued scaling of the Internet's routing system. As such,
it is currently a goal to allocate IP addresses in such a way that permits
aggregation of these addresses into a minimum number of routing
announcements. However, whether IP addresses are actually announced to the
Internet and the manner of their advertisement into the Internet's routing
system are operational considerations outside the scope of the Internet
Numbers Registry System.

3) Registration Accuracy: A core requirement of the Internet Numbers
Registry System is to maintain a registry of allocations to ensure
uniqueness and to provide accurate registration information of those
allocations in order to meet a variety of operational requirements.
Uniqueness ensures that IP addresses and AS numbers are not allocated to
more than one party at the same time. These goals may sometimes conflict
with each other or with the interests of individual end users, Internet
service providers, or other number resource consumers.

Careful analysis, judgment, and cooperation among registry system providers
and consumers at all levels via community-developed policies are necessary
to find appropriate compromises to facilitate Internet operations.
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