[arin-ppml] Comments about the draft policies:

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Thu Oct 9 14:35:21 EDT 2014

2014-1 out of region use:

OPPOSE. ARIN is not IANA. It is not and should not be an address
registry to the world, not should it be a flag-of-convenience registry
for multinational organizations.

2014-6 in-addrs


2014-9 address reclamation during transfer

SUPPORT as written

2014-14 transfers needs test

OPPOSE as written. /16 is not small. I would support something like
this proposal at /22 or /24.

2014-15 ASN transfers


2014-16 austerity policy

OPPOSE. Assignments from the /10 are hard to get? Good. They're supposed to be.

2014-17 utilization requirements

With the addition of a 50% utilization requirement for each allocation
in addition to the 80% aggregate requirement I would support this

2014-18 automatic qualification

OPPOSE. I could get behind multihoming as the sole requirement for a
minimum assignment but not a free-for-all. It isn't 1993 any more.

2014-19 MDN subsequent assignment

Support, though I wonder if the MDN structure isn't growing unwieldy.
I see an implication of something broken elsewhere in our process.

2014-20 transfer policy simplified needs

OPPOSE as written. Too complex. Too many special cases. Too much
opportunity for abuse. Simplify please!

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