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james duncan james.duncan20 at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 10:40:22 EDT 2014

Hello Derek and German,

In the final stage, even if we have ARIN’s policy, still, there’s unfairness in terms of locating the IP addresses. These are some of my thoughts, that I would like to share with all of you and hoping that we can bring people’s attention to this issue.
The IPV4 review team of ARIN obviously have different interpretations of the policy. For some cases, the review is all extremely strict; while on the other hand, some other cases, the review is very loose. And these applications actually don’t have a whole of differences.
In fact, there’s a mole or more moles inside the ARIN IPv4 review team, who cut some slacks for his or her associate applicants during the application review process, and granted them IP addresses or more. While for the applicants he or she don’t know personally, no matter how reasonable your application material, your ground for need of IP addresses are, they just won’t approve your application and grant you nothing but a big refusal. By doing this, this mole( or these moles) stocks these IP addresses by manipulating the policy and then plans to profit from it by selling the precious IP addresses to the market one year later.
I know John Curran would definitely stand up and defend their team.  Well, try to spend some time on ethic education on the review team, less time defending.
Now there’s only 0.99 /8 IP addresses left. I know some people would think they can still apply if they really need it, but the truth is they are “pre-ordered” under ARIN’s inside arrangement. Funny thing is that every single time when anyone questions how they review applicants or they way they review, ARIN can always get away using NDA.  
Each quarter, ARIN issues a fraud report to show the public that they’ve done this and that to prevent fraud, and not a single time have they ever disclosed any fraud incident. Either they’ve really done an “amazing” job to prevent fraud or this so-called fraud report is auto-generated just for show, and no serious effort was ever made in terms of preventing or investigating fraud.

We are all grown-ups here, everyone knows how the game plays.

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