[arin-ppml] Policy discussion - Method of calculating utilization

Richard J. Letts rjletts at uw.edu
Fri May 2 15:19:17 EDT 2014

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> Friends, Colleagues,
> A couple of years ago I brought up an issue I had run into where the
> utilization requirement for new requests is being calculated on a per
> allocation basis rather than in aggregate. For example, if an organization
> has 4 x /22 and 3 of them are utilized 100% and the fourth utilized at
> 75%, that request would be denied. This is a bit out of balance as an
> organization with a single /20 utilized at 80% would have less efficient
> utilization but would be eligible to request additional space.
> The last time this was discussed it sounded as if the community would
> support a policy proposal to change this calculation to be considered in
> aggregate vs. per assignment. Does this remain the case?

In the current policy legacy assignments are implicitly excluded from this calculation.
Would they be excluded or included in your aggregate suggestion?

In the case of large or multinational organizations, how far would you aggregate?
e.g. All Microsoft divisions, spanning RIRs; Comcast all markets? 

Richard Letts

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