[arin-ppml] Initial ISP Allocation Policy

Randy Carpenter rcarpen at network1.net
Tue Jul 23 15:39:44 EDT 2013

I think a clear distinction can be made between a VPS, where the customer has full access to the entirety of an operating system with full root/admin access, and virtual web hosting account, where the customer likely has very little access to anything other than the ability to upload files to serve via web.

I do agree there some potential grey areas emerging due to virtual/cloud/etc.


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> Hi Leslie,
> Thank you for your reply.  I have been following the policy proposals
> with interest.
> > A VPS provider assigns IP addresses to virtual servers that are operated
> > by customers.  Therefore, a VPS provider is not an end user as they are
> > assigning IP addresses to equipment/infrastructure they don't operate.
> Using this interpretation, does this mean ARIN considers a web hosting
> provider to be an ISP?  They also assign IP addresses to websites
> (infrastructure) that are operated exclusively by customers.
> Do the folks at ARIN who are making this interpretation understand
> that a VPS is not hardware, but software?
> -Jon

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