[arin-ppml] Initial ISP Allocation Policy

David Huberman David.Huberman at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 22 11:26:03 EDT 2013


Thank you for moving this discussion to the next step by providing excellent draft policy proposal text (and providing a redlined PDF).  I support this draft text.  I have two comments for your consideration:

1) Since we're cleaning up NRPM, let's remove section "4.2.2 Annual Renewal".  This text does not help answer the question, "Do I qualify for number resources from ARIN?" and is already sufficiently covered by the RSA text.

2) The SWIP section ( Reassignment Information): the way the new text is written, it seems to me that if $ENTERPRISE assigns a /28 to a $PURPOSE, that has to be SWIPed.  Would the text be improved if the opening sentence read, "Each IPv4 assignment to an external customer" or somesuch?

With regards,

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