[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2013-4: RIR Principles - revised

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Tue Jul 9 15:48:54 EDT 2013

On 7/9/13 11:19 AM, Chris Grundemann wrote:
> I hope that helps clear up any lingering confusion.

Probably not. I seem to be stuck in a rut.

The purpose of an agency of government in allocating from an asset
created by the government was not limited to the momentary authority
of the agency, but was, like the authority of the agency, renewable,
transferable to other agencies of government, and under defined
procedures, delegable.

This purpose, neither finite nor infinite, was renewed, transferred
and eventually delegated, and our discussion concerns the policies and
procedures for allocation, and recovery, of values in a 32 bit range,
consistent with the purpose of government at the point of delegation.
This purpose forms the "principles" of the delegee, an RIR.

I do appreciate you've made the point that "conservation" is a
mechanism, possibly non-unique, which may implement the continuing
purpose of government of allocation, upon reasonable utility, of
routable allocations of identifiers.


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