[arin-ppml] ASN Transfer Completed

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Oct 4 11:59:01 EDT 2012

I noticed from the following that an ASN transfer has been completed, 
specifically AS3943;


This is a significant milestone. However, looking at the associated 
Whois record, I'm confused by a couple issues and have a some questions;


A. The registration date is listed as 2001-05-18; If the ASN were 
recently transferred wouldn't it have a new registration date of when 
the transfer was completed?  This seems to be the case when an IPv4 
prefix is transferred.

B. One of the POCs for what I presume is the receiving organization 
seems to not have been validated;  I thought organizations with invalid 
POCs were prevented from completing various transaction with ARIN 
without validating all their POCs?  Why isn't receiving a transfer one 
of these transaction?

I want to apologize to the organization involved, my intent is not to 
call public attention to them specifically. However, it is difficult to 
ask these questions with specific examples without such side-effects.  I 
an truly sorry, but I think these are important questions for the 
community.  Also, I request that as we discuss this, that we not 
directly refer to the organization involved, as I do not believe that 
the organization involved is particularly relevant to the discussion.

Also, it occurs to me that the page in question is specific to Section 
8.3 transfers, will Section 8.4 transfers be included on this page or a 
separate similar page created when they start occurring?  In the case of 
8.4 transfers it might be useful to include the other RIR that is either 
the source or recipient of the inter-RIR transfer as well as the prefix 
involved in the transfer.


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