[arin-ppml] ARIN-2012-3: ASN Transfers - Last Call

Alexander, Daniel Daniel_Alexander at Cable.Comcast.com
Wed May 2 15:32:56 EDT 2012

I will probably get flamed for this one, but I wanted to try and explain
why I voted against this proposal during the AC meeting.

If I borrow some wording from the proposed PDP, when the AC has to
determine consensus we have to determine whether the proposed change has
substantially more support than opposition in the community active in the
discussion. (56 PPML posts: 6 for, 3 against)(106 people in the room of
the Public Policy Meeting: 27 for, 11 against) We also have to consider
that the specific concerns expressed have been considered. This last part
is one of the reasons I voted against this proposal.

I think that 2012-3 breaks new ground in that it has no technical need as
a foundation. This proposal allows a part of the community to do something
they want to do, rather than technically need to do. Bear with me here
before this splinters into days of argument. To be clear, I am not
suggesting this should not be allowed, rather question what is the
appropriate level of dissent or support for such a change.

Some policy debates have to move past the dissenting opinions because the
implications may outweigh the result of not making a change. If, however
there are no technical downside, then similar consideration has to be
given to both opinions of the community. One cannot dismiss the personal
opinions of those who object to the change when those in dissent are
supposed to accept the opinions of those who want it for no other reason.
We need a serious debate over what is the appropriate level of support for
a non-technical proposal.

Because of this, I do not feel that appropriate consensus has been reached
and this proposal warrants further discussion. Not only for the merits of
the proposal itself but for the implications that this change has on how
we are referred to as the "Internet Technical Community".

Dan Alexander
AC Member

On 4/30/12 1:19 PM, "ARIN" <info at arin.net> wrote:

>The ARIN Advisory Council (AC) met on 25 April 2012 and decided to
>send the following draft policy to last call:
>   ARIN-2012-3: ASN Transfers
>Feedback is encouraged during the last call period. All comments should
>be provided to the Public Policy Mailing List. Last call for 2012-3 will
>expire on 14 May 2012. After last call the AC will conduct their last
>call review.
>The draft policy text is below and available at:
>The ARIN Policy Development Process is available at:
>Communications and Member Services
>American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
>## * ##
>Draft Policy ARIN-2012-3
>ASN Transfers
>Date: 14 March 2012
>Policy statement:
>In NRPM 8.3, replace "IPv4 number resources" with "IPv4 number resources
>and ASNs".
>There are legitimate use cases for transferring ASNs, and no significant
>downsides (identified to date) of allowing it.
>Timetable for implementation: Immediate
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