[arin-ppml] AC requested Stats

Leslie Nobile leslien at arin.net
Thu Mar 15 21:50:10 EDT 2012

These stats are being provided at the request of the  ARIN AC regarding some information they felt would help  in the consideration of address policy.

I have attached a spreadsheet that shows the monthly breakdown of IPv4 space issued in 2011.  The spreadsheet shows the clear decline in IPv4
space issued after Feb 2011 when ARIN received its last /8 from the IANA, and the new 3 month allocation supply policy went into effect.

Regarding how much space in Feb 2011 was issued under the 3 month window vs the 12 month window, we show that the majority of IPv4 space issued
during that month was issued in the first 4 days (under the 12 month window).  Between Feb 1 and Feb 4 2011, ARIN issued 20,753 /24s. For the
remainder of that month, ARIN issued only 1,435 /24s.

Leslie Nobile
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