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ARIN-prop-175 Delete Section 8.2

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ARIN-prop-175 Delete Section 8.2

Proposal Originator: Harrison Grundy

Proposal Version: 1

Date: 20 June 2012

Proposal Type: Modify

Policy Term: Permanent

Policy Statement:

Delete section 8.2, and renumber section 8.3 to 8.2,

Add language to the new Section 8.2 (Transfers to Specified Recipients):

"ARIN will provisionally update the registry to reflect the transfer
request initiated by the resource holder pending ARIN's approval or
rejection of the transfer. If the transfer is rejected, ARIN will update
the registry to reflect the original resource holder."


Transfers due to mergers and acquisitions should follow the same process
as any directed transfer. Current language in the NRPM is silent on the
status of those resources as it relates to RSAs, while requiring that
the number resources of the merged organisations comply with ARIN's
policies. This situation is needlessly confusing, and serves only to
create a legal grey area for these resources.

There is also no clear delineation on when an entity may elect to
perform an 8.2 transfer over an 8.3 transfer, beyond the requirement
that "the new entity has acquired assets that used the transferred
resources from the current registrant". Purchasing a single router from
an entity should not magically transform what is otherwise a transfer to
a specified recipient into a special transfer that does not carry the
requirements of an 8.3 transfer. The text of 8.2 would also appear to
preclude transferring resources that are not currently in use.

This policy proposal serves to homogenise transfer requirements so that
there is one simple method of transfer, regardless of the business
circumstances surrounding that transaction.

By immediately updating the registry upon receiving a request,
renumbering pain as part of M&A transactions will only occur where the
resources will not be used for their already approved purpose.

Timetable for implementation: Immediate

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