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Larry Ash lar at mwtcorp.net
Fri Jul 20 17:04:20 EDT 2012

On Fri, 20 Jul 2012 12:54:21 -0700
  Jo Rhett <jrhett at netconsonance.com> wrote:
> On Jul 20, 2012, at 11:58 AM, Scott Leibrand wrote:
>> Using SWIP or RWhois, residential or mobile access ISPs must show that they 
>>have reassigned at least 80% of their current address space, with a 50 to 80% 
>>utilization rate, in order to request additional addresses. 
> How is that not simply 50% ?
> <joking>
> And honestly, I love this policy. I have a /21 assigned, I fill half of it 
>and I get get another /21! Sweet!
> </joking>
> I support the 80% policy as it stands.  ARIN already has rules that account 
>for geographic limitations that can (and have for me) help justification when 
>it's not technically possible to subnet the block. If you don't have a 
>geographical/physically problem then you can work around this issue. I'd 
>support 90% rule for wireless access providers, to be honest.
I am suspicious that we have a little bit of apples and oranges going on.
Lets say I am a wireless provider (I am) and I have a /20 which has more
than 80% of the address reassigned/allocated and in "use" and am preparing to 
another allocation. Further let's say that when looking at how the addresses
are being used there are a number of towers that have /27's assigned to each 

As I read it, the original question seemed to assume that each sector's /27 
to be 80% utilized. That seems to me to be very difficult if not impossible. 
the choice is /28 or /27 if a /28 is too small then a /27 is appropriate. The 
I have is are we having to get to this detail, (I assume we are) and even if 
we are
do we really want to tell operators that they have to renumber their affected 
when they go from 14 to 15 customers on a sector or tell him that he needs to 
layer 2 transport instead of subnetting on a sector basis which seems to me to 
a design choice beyond our scope.

As bandwidth requirements have risen the number of customers on a single 
sector has fallen
so this kind of problem is more likely now than in the past.

If that is not what the original poster meant please correct me.

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