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Jo Rhett jrhett at netconsonance.com
Fri Jul 20 16:12:08 EDT 2012

On Jul 20, 2012, at 12:03 PM, Cameron Byrne wrote:
> I believe the "spirit" of the policy is that a "consumer service" =
> "residential service" = "mobile service".  The main point being that
> an single ARIN IP address is dynamically allocated to a user for
> personal connectivity.

Your simplification is not the reality on the ground. Many residential services are classified as business services simply to receive static IPs necessary for VPN access to their employer or client -- or even for running gaming servers.

Second, your attempt to suggest "one user == one IP" is way stuck in the 1980s. I have almost a dozen real addresses assigned to just me at any given time. Two cell phones (three when I'm On Point at work) and two tablet devices have public IPs. My residential /29 at one house and a /32 at another.  Plus my laptop is usually bound to SJ Wifi with a public IP, or bound to a home or cafe site.

This doesn't even account for each website I run with SSL support, which would push my "personal" use well past a /27. And that's not accounting for a few businesses which I'm deeply involved in.

I believe that any attempt to codify a user -> use mapping is doomed to failure. Even if you got it right today, expectations would be nonsense within a few years. 20 years ago we assumed one user, one computer, one IP.  Today our office witnesses a minimum of 3 and an average of 6 IPs per user. (nobody here has less than a desktop, phone and smartphone -- most also have a laptop, tablet, and one or more testing devices at any time)

Jo Rhett
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