[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-173 Revisions to M&A Transfer

Lindsey, Marc mlindsey at lb3law.com
Thu Jul 19 19:17:12 EDT 2012

Dear Larry,

You wrote: It seams to me that we will be continually besieged with these proposals . . . . Needless to say I don't support the proposal and am tired of the argument associated with it. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Lindsey but I thought that the list made it's wishes clear before.

<<< M Lindsey Reply>>>  As far as I know, the proposal is still under consideration and has not been abandoned by the AC.  There have been both supporters and detractors of the prior drafts.  I have read and considered comments from the critics, supporters and ARIN staff, and have revised the proposal text several times in an attempt to address many (but certainly not all) of the concerns raised.

Notwithstanding your apparent weariness of entertaining viewpoints that differ from your own, in my opinion the PPML is a valuable policy development tool because many on the list (including me) are willing to keep an open mind, revisit their prior assumptions, and consider the merits of contrary arguments.

But I have noted your general objection to this policy and others like it, and I'll consider any further responses from you on the topic  as a less disrespectful  <delete>.

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