[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-178 Regional Use of Resources

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue Jul 17 17:10:50 EDT 2012

On 7/17/12 10:59 CDT, Tony Hain wrote:
> David Farmer wrote:
>> "ARIN must evaluate a request based on an organizations total globally
>> registered resources and only according to ARIN policies, including any

>> resource specific criteria."
>> I read this as saying that ARIN should evaluate all resources regardless of
>> which RIR issued them.
>> Is that what you are saying?
> Yes. The point is that everyone has to meet current ARIN policies when
> making a new request.
> Where past resources were acquired, or where they are deployed globally are
> irrelevant, as long as the requestor is doing 'proper stewardship'; where
> 'proper' is defined by current criterion established at the RIR they are
> asking to provide more. To me, this is the only way to avoid policy
> conflicts, and deal with pre-RIR resources fairly. If the RIR system had not
> been created, this is exactly what they would have to do at IANA, so why
> should the RIR mechanism be any different?

OK, I think I get what your saying now, thanks for your patience in 
helping me work through it.

I believe, that essentially says you can only have your global future 
demand or allocation window from one RIR at a time and you can't get 
anything from another RIR until you have used up you current allocation 
window to the extent required by the next RIR you decide to get 
resources from.   That works for fine for IPv6 with the single global 
aggregate model that X.2 is going after.

However, there are others that wish to get IPv6 resources and receive an 
allocation window from each RIR to aggregated regionally to those RIRs, 
or have regionalized allocation windows.  Should that model be allowed? 
  Would it be OK with this model to restrict their forward looking 
demand or allocation window that can be received from a particular RIR, 
base on the resources used within the region, but received from which 
ever RIR?  Basically, don't restrict how they are actually use, but 
restrict the scope of past use can be used to justify the additional of 
resources to your allocation window from an individual RIR.

Said another way;  You can have a single global allocation window from 
one RIR (or only one RIR at a time at least).  Otherwise, you can have 
multiple allocation windows, one from each RIR.  In such a case, each 
allocation window is only based on future needs within each RIR's region 
and justified only by previous usage within the region.  If, you use 
previous resources outside the region they don't count toward justifying 
your future in region need in this model.  That doesn't say you can't 
use them out of region but if you do, the out of region use detracts 
from the size of your next allocation window.

Could something like that work conceptually?  Or, are you saying that we 
shouldn't allow regionalized allocation windows at all?

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