[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-178 Regional Use of Resources

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Sun Jul 15 16:03:07 EDT 2012

On 7/14/12 12:07 CDT, Tony Hain wrote:
> Owen DeLong wrote:
>> ...
>> Do you think that an ISP from out of region should be allowed to set up a
>> small shell company in the US and then obtain unlimited resources from
>> to use in their operations elsewhere in the world?
>>> ...
> Just a reminder that the address space is a global resource. ARIN is a
> regional administrator to - facilitate - distribution, just like the other
> 4. It was not set up to act as a body that hoards everything it can get its
> hands on.
> Rewind the clock to ~'96 when IANA handled all distribution, and there was
> no 'this is mine' mentality. Seriously, 2 year olds in the sandbox do a
> better job of resource sharing than what we are seeing in the wind-down of
> the IPv4 pool.
> I still believe that the best course of action would be for the RIR holding
> the largest pool to take on the role of IANA and do a monthly/quarterly
> distribution through any RIR without the resources to meet its customer's
> needs. This avoids the problem of shell companies in all regions, and the
> associated short-term bubble staffing demands to review requests; as well as
> depleting the remaining free pool in an expeditious manner, which avoids
> absurd distortions in whatever market emerges.
> IPv4 is a historical artifact, get over it and move on. Arguing over
> policies intended to hoard the last remaining scraps on the bone is more the
> domain of the Condor or Jackal than civilized facilitators.


Just to be clear, my personal motivations for tackling this issue is 
IPv6.  Many people are only just starting their IPv6 implementations. 
The ambiguity and complete lack of clear policy statements on how the 
management of resources across multiple regions is suppose to work 
creates an unacceptable danger that people may implement IPv6 using 
separate unaggregatable prefixes from multiple RIRs.  When they may be 
willing to use a single globally aggregated prefix, if the policy wasn't 
so ambiguous on the issue.

It just so happens that most people's implementation of IPv6 coincides 
with IPv4 run-out, this is unfortunate, but a very typical human 
response of procrastination.  Please don't take that as harsh criticism, 
I'm a master procrastinator.  I just haven't procrastinated on IPv6, 
which is extremely atypical for me personally, I guess I just found IPv6 
to be cool and worth my effort. :)

So, while I tend to agree the "IPv4 is a historical artifact" and we 
need to get over it.  I'm not naive enough to think we can touch this 
issue without dealing with IPv4, its just the way things are.   But, all 
along I've asked myself first and foremost what do we need for IPv6 
going forward, and only considering IPv4 after that.

To me it is completely unacceptable that something as important as how 
resources are managed across multiple regions is left to an ambiguous 
statement like the following.

2.2. Regional Internet Registry (RIR)

Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are established and authorized by 
respective regional communities, and recognized by the IANA to serve and 
represent large geographical regions. The primary role of RIRs is to 
manage and distribute public Internet address space within their 
respective regions.


As I've said about other issues we need to find middle ground here and 
find something workable for everyone.

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