[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-178 Regional Use of Resources

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I strongly agree!  Since the day will come quite soon that all of ARIN's IPv4 addresses will be assigned and ARIN will have no more left,  it is just a matter of when ARIN allows 3rd parties to transfer IPv4 resources to another party - AND NOT IF ARIN WILL ALLOW IT.  Instead of fighting it, ARIN should go ahead and put the necessary reasonable policies in place now for that, and join the reality of the marketplace.  ARIN can wait and do it when it runs out of addresses or it can do it now.   It is pragmatic to do it now and it allows ARIN a say in how this process will work.  If ARIN continues to fight it then a judge somewhere will make the decision for ARIN and then ARIN will have to live with whatever that judge decides - not a good strategy.  This will bolster ARIN's ability to fulfill its mission!!

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Owen DeLong wrote:
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> Do you think that an ISP from out of region should be allowed to set 
> up a small shell company in the US and then obtain unlimited resources 
> from
> to use in their operations elsewhere in the world?
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Just a reminder that the address space is a global resource. ARIN is a regional administrator to - facilitate - distribution, just like the other 4. It was not set up to act as a body that hoards everything it can get its hands on. 

Rewind the clock to ~'96 when IANA handled all distribution, and there was no 'this is mine' mentality. Seriously, 2 year olds in the sandbox do a better job of resource sharing than what we are seeing in the wind-down of the IPv4 pool. 

I still believe that the best course of action would be for the RIR holding the largest pool to take on the role of IANA and do a monthly/quarterly distribution through any RIR without the resources to meet its customer's needs. This avoids the problem of shell companies in all regions, and the associated short-term bubble staffing demands to review requests; as well as depleting the remaining free pool in an expeditious manner, which avoids absurd distortions in whatever market emerges. 

IPv4 is a historical artifact, get over it and move on. Arguing over policies intended to hoard the last remaining scraps on the bone is more the domain of the Condor or Jackal than civilized facilitators. 


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