[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-178 Regional Use of Resources

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Sat Jul 14 01:04:19 EDT 2012

On 7/13/12 22:36 CDT, Jimmy Hess wrote:
> On 7/13/12, ARIN <info at arin.net> wrote:
>> X.2. Headquartered in the ARIN Region
>> Only organizations headquartered in the ARIN service region are entitled
>> to receive resources from ARIN for use outside the region, in excess of
>> the incidental use defined above, to operate a connected multi-region
> Why both a "Headquartered in the ARIN region" requirement _and_ an
> incidental use limit?

Its not both, as in "and", but its an "or", if your "Headquartered in 
Region" there is no limit to your use outside the region, "entitled to 
receive resources from ARIN for use outside the region, in excess of the 
incidental use defined above."  OR, If your NOT "Headquartered in 
Region" you are limited to incidental use outside the region, "and may 
use an incidental total of its ARIN registered resources outside the 

Also, if your "Headquartered in Region" but don't want to deal with the 
operational justification in X.2 you can still use a small amount of 
ARIN resources outside the region to say address your backbone, but then 
get the rest of your addresses from the other RIRs.

However, I suggest that "Headquartered in Region" and "Incidental Use" 
actually serve completely different purposes.

The purpose of "Incidental Use" is to provide some flexibility to 
everyone, even those headquartered outside the region.  The intent is 
not to play "gotcha" with people, or be a "hard ass" about it, we need 
to make the policy easy to comply with.  While still creating a 
principle of "Regional Use".  Basically it says "Your getting resources 
to use in the ARIN region, but if you need to use a small amount outside 
the region, go ahead, as long as its small". That's what "Incidental 
Use" is all about.

"Headquartered in Region" serves a completely different purpose. It 
allows you to get "a single globally aggregatable allocation" if your 
willing to do that.  Without "Headquartered in Region" you have to get 5 
separate prefixes to operate a global network, this will create 
unnecessary growth in the route table and that effects everyone.

So "Incidental Use" is about flexibility and "Headquartered in Region" 
is about global aggregation where possible.

> I would say, if an organization  is legally recognized by government
> bodies in the region as
> an organization that exists, does business in the region,  can enter
> contracts in the region,  and owns assets in the region that require
> IP addresses;  they should not be restricted from obtaining resources
> from ARIN,  just because they are headquartered elsewhere.

There are allowed, everyone is allowed to get resources for use in the 
ARiN region, that is what X.1 says.  X.2 is about who is entitled to get 
large amounts of resources for use outside the region.

Does this need additional clarification in the policy or rationale?

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