[arin-ppml] Statistics for NRPM 8.3 Transfers

Jimmy Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 20:47:21 EDT 2012

On 7/1/12, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu> wrote:
> This can be done without revealing the identity of the recipient who failed
> the test. One would get a notice something like:
>    A request received on [date1] to transfer netblock X, currently
> registered to ASN Y, was denied on [date] due to failing the needs
> assessment.

If ARIN publishes a list of these for every day,  most stats can be
derived, without ARIN having to calculate them.

[date1]  A STLS-facilitated request was received to transfer  direct
assignment;  changing from an assignment to an
allocation from a transferor  who has been named on the request for
15 transfers to date this year, with total XXX ip addresses an average
of XXX ip addresses per request,  5 of which were accepted with total
XXX ip addresses transferred XXX ip addresses per request, 6 of which
are still pending  XXX ip addresses pending average XXX ip addresses
per request,   2 of which were rejected due to lack of justified need
XXX ip addresses rejected XXX average ip addresses per request,  1 of
which was withdrawn, and  1 of which was rejected for another reason.

(Repeat counts for transferee)


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