[arin-ppml] Statistics for NRPM 8.3 Transfers

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sun Jul 1 18:28:00 EDT 2012

Good! We all seem to agree that we could use more data on this process.

In my proposal for new transfer transparency policy for RIPE, I ask RIPE not only to record transfers and publish the blocks involved as ARIN already does, but also to record when requested transfers are denied on the basis of the recipient not meeting the needs test. 

This can be done without revealing the identity of the recipient who failed the test. One would get a notice something like: 

   A request received on [date1] to transfer netblock X, currently registered to ASN Y, was denied on [date] due to failing the needs assessment.

I think all this information should be published for all transfers/failed transfers, and it should not be optional at all. Such information not only provides important information about the workings of the transfer market, but also raises flags if needs assessment denials get out of hand or are used in a discriminatory manner. 

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>   We're happy to collect any metrics that the community
>   can agree upon, and would encourage discussion of the
>   appropriate set.
>   Collecting this information for all requests may raise
>   concern by some parties, and so it also worth considering
>   which would only be reported on only in the aggregate and
>   whether some of these should be optional, i.e. left to the
>   discretion of the recipient whether to be provided.
> Thanks for raising this important topic!
> /John
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